A Guide To Effective Requirements Change Management by Bernhard Bals

A Guide To Effective Requirements Change Management

One of the most important causes for project delays and budget overrun is changing requirements. Actually, it is not the changing requirements that make projects fail. It is the negligence of properly dealing with them. So what can you do, to prevent changes making your project fail? The answer is: requirements change management. Here is my approach. Continue reading

3 Good Reasons Why You Need To Change Requirements by Bernhard Bals

3 Good Reasons Why You Want To Change Requirements

Change is a natural process in projects. However, it takes a lot of efforts to change requirements in a running project. As a project manager, my life is much easier when this does not happen. So in general, I try to prevent causes for changing requirements to appear. But especially in long term projects there are some causes for change, which can hardly be prevented. When they appear, avoiding change could be a mistake. Continue reading and find out about good reasons to change requirements. Continue reading