How Project Monitoring Saves You Money by Bernhard Bals

Project Monitoring Saves You Money! – But Why?

If a project exceeded the budget, it is easy to identify the causes afterwards. And everybody wonders: why did the project manager let it happen? The key to the answer is “project monitoring”. Project monitoring takes efforts? – Sure, but it’s the job of a project manager. Project monitoring will cost money? – Of course. Continue to read if you want to find out why project monitoring will actually save you money. Continue reading

All You Need To Understand About Risk Management by Bernhard Bals

All You Need To Understand About Risk Management

What comes into your mind when you think about risks? Before knowing much about risk management, my first associations for risks were uncertainty, loss, pain. That did not sound comfortable to me. Today I know a lot more about risk management. To be honest, loss and pain still do not sound comfortable. Uncertainty however does sound acceptable to me now, otherwise I would not be self employed. Why is that? Continue reading