Top 6 Reasons For A Quality Management System

Top 6 Reasons for a Quality Management System

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Implementing a quality management system takes big efforts. It may sound inconvenient to start documenting the way you work. But in the end, the investment will be beneficial for a sustainable business.

What is Quality?

Quality is the degree how satisfied you and your customer are with your product or service.

Derived from ISO definition of quality, I understand quality as a measure how well expectations towards a product or service are met.

On the one hand the quality level depends on how well the characteristics of a product or service satisfy the expectations of customers (if you want to sell it).

Quality also considers how much the product or service satisfies your expectations (e.g. the cost/revenues if you want to make profit).

What is a Quality Management System?

A quality management system controls and measures the trade-off between customer satisfaction and (other) company objectives.

In my understanding quality is a trade-off between customer satisfaction and (other) company objectives. Customer satisfaction is a central goal of a sustainable company.

A quality management system defines the responsibilities, resources and processes that are necessary to reach a company’s objectives.

And these are the top reasons why you should establish a quality management system in your business:

Top 6 Reasons for a Quality Management System

Reason 1: Save Costs

Documenting responsibilities, resources and procedures in a structured way makes your company more efficient. Internal standards improve the collaboration between your employees and reduce work efforts.

Reason 2: Make Use of Your Competitive Advantage

Customer loyalty is based on trust. A quality management system documents your efforts to assure the reliability of your products and services. New customers will be able to trust your products and services if you can show them how you work.

Reason 3: Get Satisfied Customers

Quality management uses standardized processes. Those processes assure a reliable level of product and service quality. They make sure that customer expectations are met. In case things go wrong, the quality management system defines how to solve problems; and how to give your customer the most effective support.

Reason 4: Reduce Risks

Risk management is part of a quality management system. It defines measures to minimize probabilities and severity of risk events. Validated and predefined processes and procedures reduce errors, since everyone in the service chain knows what to do.

Read more about all you need to understand about risk management.

Reason 5: Improve Your Quality

Who stops getting better has stopped being good. The solid documentation of your processes is the basis for improvement. Best practice of your employees and customer feedback will lead to a continuous improvement of your quality.

Reason 6: Manage Your Success

Key performance indicators measure how well your business achieves your objectives. A quality management system defines specific key performance indicators. This enables you to effectively improve your business success.

What are your top reasons for a Quality Management System?

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