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Setting up aerospace companies effectively and efficiently.


Improve the effectiveness of your business processes


Strengthen your competitiveness


through smooth cooperation between your employees

1:1 meeting (approx. 30 minutes, online) – free of charge and without obligation.

Have you already defused them?

The 6 biggest cost drivers in quality management

In the aerospace industry, safety and reliability must be ensured through effective and traceable processes – human lives and the success of expensive missions are at stake. At the same time, you need to implement the requirements of EN 9100 and customer specifications efficiently so that your company can deliver at competitive costs.
System – Bernhard Bals

Legacy issues in the management system

New requirements and adjustments following audits have turned the processes in your management system into an increasingly complex patchwork over the years. Redundancies and friction between processes lead to expensive additional work that is often not visible at first glance.

Recruiting – Bernhard Bals

Permanent lack of personnel

Your company is chronically understaffed in many areas. There is hardly any qualified personnel with experience in the aerospace industry on the market. New employees do not meet your expectations quickly enough or leave your company after a short time. Expensive delays are the consequence.

Zeitdruck – Bernhard Bals

Overload in the QM team

Your quality management staff is overloaded. It is barely able to react to events, carry out the required internal audits and implement measures from the last certification audit. Proactive and sustainable improvements are out of the question.

Warnung – Bernhard Bals

Lack of acceptance

Your employees feel constrained by the management system and have the feeling that they cannot perform their tasks efficiently with the defined processes. If time pressure is added to this, the risk of deviations increases. The later these deviatons are recognized, the more expensive they are to correct.

Wachstum – Bernhard Bals

Rapid company growth

What simply worked in a small company requires increased coordination between different organizations in a larger company. If your processes do not constantly adapt to this new reality as your company grows, this can lead to costly mistakes.

Change – Bernhard Bals

Change in the aerospace industry

You are aware that the industry is changing. Your company has already reacted to external changes and introduced measures to take advantage of the new opportunities. However, you have not yet consistently adapted your strategy and the resulting processes. This is a source for costly friction.

“Quality is neither a department, nor a technology, nor a philosophy.
It is a fundamental type of management.”

Armand V. Feigenbaum, Economist

What is needed for a functioning QM?

The real key factors for your success.

Years of practice show that simply expanding the quality management organization in many cases only provides a short-term and apparent relief. In the long term, however, this only costs more money.

The reason for this is that sustainable improvement can only be implemented effectively, if the involved employees are enabled and empowered to take responsibility.

In order to set up and develop your management system competitively, you need: clarity, structure, clear communication, empowerment and the power to implement.



In order to design and implement processes in your company in a targeted and efficient manner, everyone involved must understand why and for what reason they are doing what they do.



In order to make the complexity of your company manageable, a simple and comprehensible structure is created.



Knowledge and experience is your company's treasure. In order to make use of it, it is important to promote an environment in which all those involved talk to each other.


Your employees want to be successful. Prerequisite is an environment in which your employees can and are allowed to contribute their strengths. This allows you to develop your potential and grow in the process. The fundament for your sustainable success.

Realization power

Once you have created the prerequisites, your processes will work reliably. Your company masters new challenges with confidence because all the wheels mesh robustly.

BernhardBals BeraterfuerLuftfahrtRaumfahrt 17 – Bernhard Bals

Quality management – Consulting

Get your quality management on the road to success.

Whether for individual processes or for the entire management system: In my quality management consulting, these 5 key components form the foundation and are where we start.

The result: full implementation power. Everyone knows the goal, knows what needs to be done for what and is able to take responsibility for the success of your company in their area of responsibility.

That is how you benefit

Your decisive competitive advantage.


Higher customer satisfaction

You reliably and purposefully meet your customers’ expectations.



You and your employees feel confident in what you do and how you do it.


Cost balance

The costs are in good proportion to the benefits.


Increase in employee satisfaction

New employees feel at home in your company and are effective more quickly.


Increasing efficiency

Your quality management does not contain any superfluous activities.

Clear processes

Your processes inspire your employees and the certification auditor.

This is what our collaboration looks like

The 4 phases of collaboration at a glance.

Tailored precisely to your project, I support you in your project and in achieving your goals. My approach is essentially divided into 4 phases. These phases all build on each other and interlock in a targeted manner. Based on your goals and requirements, collaboration can take place across all phases or only require the initial phases.

Take off

Step 1

Check-in meeting – free of charge and without obligation
BernhardBals BeraterfuerLuftfahrtRaumfahrt 15 – Bernhard Bals

In a video call, we talk (1:1 or with the person responsible) about your challenges, the project goals and opportunities for collaboration. By asking specific questions, both sides get a clear picture of the situation.

After the check-in, you will

  • be clear about what it really needs
  • know what the next step can be
  • have an idea of how a journey with me can be like

Step 2

Screening – quick wins and initial progress.
Screening – Bernhard Bals

Together we’ll examine the processes and structures associated with your challenge. We will involve all the people involved.

This is how you benefit:

  • You will be clear about where you currently stand
  • You will know what’s going well and where things are going wrong
  • You will know what changes you need to make

This is how we work together:

Individually tailored to your company, the screening includes

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Talks
  • Process audits

Step 3

Boarding – a good starting position
BernhardBals Boarding – Bernhard Bals

With my support and the process stakeholders, you will develop optimized structures and processes as well as the measures required to introduce them.

Your benefits after boarding:

  • Clear assignment of roles and responsibilities: everyone involved will understand why and for what puropse a change is needed, know their contribution to the journey and be ready to get started
  • Security and confidence: You will know what and who you need to leverage the identified optimization potential.
  • First success: You will experience the first positive changes during boarding.

Formats of cooperation:

Boarding will be tailored to your company:

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Talks
  • Mentoring

Step 4

Take-off – the direct route to your destination
Takeoff BernhardBals – Bernhard Bals

You will establish the new structures and processes so that they perform reliably after our journey I will accompany you and your team as a mentor and stand by your side so that one gear meshes with the other in your team.

Accompanying support:

Depending on your requirements, I can support you with:

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Conversations
  • Mentoring
  • Process audits

What you can expect

That’s what I stand for.



My aim is to empower and motivate employees to independently and permanently apply what we develop together.



Organizations and processes are lived by people. An equal basis, appreciation and consideration of special features and strengths are therefore a matter of course for me.



No imposed or run-of-the-mill solutions, but tailor-made results that ideally meet the specific requirements in your individual context.

Classic starting situations for collaboration

What challenges are you currently facing?

Is your company growing and you are still working with Excel?

Respect. However, as the number of employees grows, robust processes and tools are a key success factor. I support you in the selection, definition and introduction.

Are you new to the aerospace industry?

Welcome. Exciting tasks await you. And special challenges. To save you unnecessary time and money learning the hard way, I will support you and your team with my many years of industry experience, my expertise and my network.

Do your processes feel like a lead ball in your backpack?
Not everything that is possible is really necessary. If you are ready to let go, I will support you in reducing the weight of your management system and distributing it across many shoulders.
Your quality managers are overloaded and you can't find any reinforcements?

A lot does not always help a lot. Clarity, structure, clear communication, empowerment and implementation strength can be a solution for your existing team.

Have you successfully repositioned your company on the market?

But your processes have not yet taken this step completely?

I would also be happy to support you in bringing your processes up to date.

Don't have the time for internal audits?

As a qualified internal auditor for ISO 9001 and EN9100, I can support you in the implementation of these standards.

Let's put your company on course of success.