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“You already have everything you need to be successful. I support you in using it effectively.”

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About EQMC Consulting

Hello, I am Bernhard Bals.

Graduate engineer, economist and intercultural mediator.

As an expert in systems engineering, quality management and project management, I support aerospace companies in developing technical systems safely and reliably and delivering them on time.

For over 20 years, I have contributed to the success of numerous projects in the aerospace industry, gaining a wide range of practical experience in the process. Working closely with people from more than 10 countries on 4 continents has also shown me what really matters.

EQMC stands for Engineering, Quality, Management and Culture. From many years of experience, I am convinced that projects and companies work best when these four elements work well together.

On my journey as an expert and consultant, I have learned that the true value of a company is the skills and characteristics of its people. My mission is to create the framework in which this potential can become effective so that people, teams and organizations can grow.

My wife is also part of EQMC Consulting. She manages the back office and is my sparring partner for clarity, structure, clear communication, empowerment and implementation strength in my company.

Comprehensively solution-oriented

With many years of experience in development projects and a quick mind, I bring a variety of perspectives to the table to help you find solutions across organizational and technical interfaces.

Paving the way with confidence

As an introverted personality with leadership experience, I have a feel for what lies beneath the surface. As an intercultural mediator, I use empathy to create a trusting framework in which you can reach your goal together with all parties involved.

Responsibly Effective

As a former officer in the German Armed Forces, I am able to keep a cool head and take responsibility even in challenging situations. I bring people and teams into action so that you can achieve your goals.

My professional career

Years of industry and practical experience: My knowledge for your success .

More than 20 years in the aerospace industry not only bring numerous successfully implemented projects, but also a wide range of practical experience and perspectives. Bringing in this variety of perspectives is a key factor that distinguishes my work and enables you to find solutions across organizational and technical interfaces more quickly.

2015 - today
2015 - today


Bernhard Bals Engineering – Quality – Management – Culture

As a freelance consultant, I support companies in the aerospace industry in developing technical systems and delivering them on time. It is important to me to leverage the existing potential in my clients’ companies and to create a framework in which people, teams and organizations can grow.

2012 - 2015
2012 - 2015

Project manager and consultant


As a project manager, I was responsible for a consulting project that supported a Kazakh space company in the procurement of an integration and test center for satellites. I led a team of experts in an international environment in which parties from Kazakhstan, France, the UK, the USA, Belgium and Germany were represented.

2009 - 2012
2009 - 2012

Project engineer


As a project engineer, I supported a Turkish company in the development of a thermal vacuum chamber for testing satellites. I worked as a systems engineer and advised the project manager. As part of the procurement of an integration and test center for satellites, I supported a Kazakh space company in setting up a project orgainzation and trained the team.

2004 - 2009
2004 - 2009

Degree in economics (Dipl.-Kfm. )

University of Hagen

I studied economics part-time at the FernUniversität in Hagen. I majored in Operations Research and Business Informatics. In my diploma thesis, I wrote a program to simulate the boarding of commercial aircraft and analyzed different strategies.

2000 - 2004
2000 - 2004

Studied aerospace engineering (Dipl.-Ing.)

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

I studied aerospace engineering at the Bundeswehr University. I had chosen aerospace engineering as my specialization. For my diploma thesis , I further developed and parallelized a CFD simulation method at the CANES Institute of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

1997 - 2009
1997 - 2009


German Armed Forces

During my 12 years of service as a soldier, I successfully completed officer training in the armored forces and, after completing my studies, I worked as a team leader in satellite-based reconnaissance on the commissioning of the user segment of a satellite system and on defining the requirements for a further satellite system for earth observation.

Qualifications & Certificates

Continuous training: My investment for your growth

In my life to date, I have successfully completed various training courses and obtained certifications that form the foundation of my work.

Diploma (Ing.) Aerospace Engineering

My foundation for the technical connections in aerospace.

Introduction to Systems Engineering

University of New South Wales

For the structured development of technical systems.

Intercultural mediator

Competence as a mediator to support people, teams and organizations in resolving conflicts sustainably.

Diploma (Kfm.) Economics

My foundation for the economic and organizational contexts

Project management specialist

Proof of the project management competence required for IPMA D (2012 – 2022).

Quality manager (QM-TÜV)

Establishment, further development and auditing of management systems in accordance with ISO 9001.

Aerospace QM Systems Internal Auditor EN 9100

Proof of the competence required to carry out internal audits in accordance with EN 9100.

Bernhard Bals – Personal

Curious, reliable, close to nature

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These words aptly describe me as a person.

As a curious person with a wide range of interests, I enjoy discovering and learning new things. For this reason, I already have and have had a variety of hobbies and I am sure that there are many more to come: Computer games, books, movies, traveling, mountaineering, soccer, model trains, cooking, balcony plants, board games, philosophy, marching, programming, half marathons, flight simulators, musicals, etc.

Some have led to special insights, valuable lessons and experiences that have also had a huge impact on my business or have become an integral part of my everyday life.

For years I refereed soccer matches and made sure that the players treated each other fairly. For years I refereed soccer matches and made sure that the players treated each other fairly. I learned the valuable lesson of how important it is to respond to people and combine tact and consistency.

As the German representative on a working group of the ISO committee for space standards, I am doing my bit to promote global cooperation in the space sector. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know new countries and their people.

I am very attached to my new home in Augsburg and, as a reservist in the German Armed Forces, in regular trainings I am keeping myself ready to advise the city’s civilian task force in the event of a disaster, which I hope will never happen, and to coordinate possible support from the German Armed Forces.

While my professional life is mostly spent indoors, in my free time I seek balance in nature. Canada’s national parks are my favorite places, but the city forest in Augsburg also has its charm at any time of day or year and recharges my batteries.

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What you can expect

Clarity, security, empowerment.

Ziele – Bernhard Bals

Mastering challenges and growing

I empower people and companies to realize their potential and develop further so that they can successfully master their challenges and grow in the process.

Ziele2 – Bernhard Bals

Achieving goals reliably

I support managers, employees and teams in the context of systems development so that they can keep an eye on their goals and reliably achieve them.

Sicherheit 1 – Bernhard Bals

Confidence and trust

I give my customers security and trust so that they can tackle their projects with absolute confidence.

Selected customer projects

Gain an insight into my previous projects.

Click on the button to find out more about my previous customer projects, the initial situations, collaboration and results.

Re-design of a cabin pressure management system

My customer has adapted a cabin pressure control system for use in the commercial aircraft B737 MAX.
My task was to provide clarity about the scope of verification.

Establishment of a product safety organization

In this project, I supported my client in establishing a product safety organization for the development of a deployable antenna reflector for the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR).

Development of a cabin pressure management system

In that project, I have assisted my customer in the development of a cabin pressure control system for the MA-700 commercial aircraft.

Preparation of space test facility installation

The goal of my client in Kazakhstan was to task service providers for the installation, commissioning, and verification of test facilities in a satellite integration and testing center. I supported him to ensure everyone knew what to do.