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Customer project

Establishment of a product assurance organization

The challenge

My customer in the Greater Munich area has been commissioned to develop a deployable antenna reflector for the ESA Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR).

For this project, it was necessary to establish a Product Assurance Organization from scratch according to ECSS standards.


For my customer, I have developed a product assurance plan according to ECSS-Q standards and implemented the necessary organizational structures and tools. During the assignment, I accompanied my client in communication at the internal and external interfaces of product assurance, and enabled the project team members to carry out the required activities.

What we have achieved

Project results


Product assurance organisation ready

My customer had the necessary plans and structures to implement product security according to ECSS standards.

Team trained

At the end of the collaboration, my client had a team that was able to independently and successfully fulfill ESA’s product assurance requirements for the next project phase.

Increased confidence in action

Thanks to the clarity and structure created, all those responsible have gained certainty, know the background and know what the next steps are.