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Bernhard Bals – Consulting for aerospace companies

Empowering Aerospace Industry & People.

With interdisciplinary experience and an eye for the big picture, I support companies in the aerospace industry in


Confidently leading development projects to success


Efficiently keeping quality management systems effective


Remaining sustainably successful in competition

Complex requirements in the aerospace industry

From Rocket Science to New Space

BernhardBals NewSpace – Bernhard Bals

Over decades, space agencies and large organizations have developed process standards and successfully implemented unique space missions. Today, small and medium-sized companies face the challenge of not being crushed between binding regulations, extensive process requirements and economic reality when developing competitive and agile space systems.

As an aerospace expert with many years of experience in systems development and quality management processes, I support you in maintaining an overview and being effective. So that you can successfully implement your development projects at all levels.

BernhardBals NewSpace – Bernhard Bals
BernhardBals FutureAirMobility – Bernhard Bals

Upheaval in the aviation industry

From aircraft construction to air mobility

BernhardBals FutureAirMobility – Bernhard Bals

The aviation industry is undergoing significant change due to new social, environmental and economic trends.

New technologies and leaner development processes are needed to achieve the aviation industry’s sustainability goals economically. This repeatedly results in high follow-up costs because problems and faults are not detected and rectified at an early stage.

With many years of experience in systems development and the aviation industry, I can support you in setting up your development processes in such a way that they meet the new market requirements and at the same time possible problems can be recognized at an early stage. In this way, you end up saving where the greatest costs threaten. In this way, you end up saving where the greatest costs threaten.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Charles R. Darwin, naturalist

My specialties

That is how I can support you

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Systems development consulting

Promoting effectiveness and implementation power

Whether at the start of a project or in critical phases: I support you in implementing your project safely and successfully.

With my many years of expertise, clarity and structure, I ensure that complexity becomes manageable and that everyone in the team understands what their contribution to success is.

The result: a motivated team that pulls together, and clear, effective processes that mesh perfectly. In short: full implementation power so that you can develop your systems efficiently and hand them over to your customers reliably.

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Quality Management Consulting

Focus on the “what for”

Whether for individual processes or the entire management system: I support you in creating the right framework and the right structures for your quality management.

The result: quality management that does not only work, but also inspires your team and saves resources. And you can implement your strategy efficiently and compete successfully in the long term through continuous change.

That is how you benefit

Your decisive competitive advantage

Ziele – Bernhard Bals

Manageable complexity

I make complexity manageable and increase the effectiveness of your employees so that you can deliver reliably and cost-effectively.

Plan 1 – Bernhard Bals

Sensible and efficient processes

I make quality easier and attractive for your employees, so that you are among the winners in the changing aerospace industry.

Improvment – Bernhard Bals

Focus on the essentials

I transform friction into impact so that you can use all your energy for the success of your company.

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About EQMC Consulting

Hello, I am Bernhard Bals.

Comprehensively solution-oriented. Confidently paving the way. Responsible effective.

As an expert in systems engineering, quality management and project management, I am a leading partner for aerospace companies. I support you as a consultant and mentor in developing technical systems safely and reliably and delivering them on time.

EQMC stands for Engineering, Quality, Management and Culture. From many years of experience, I am convinced that competitive system development and effective quality management work best when these four elements work well together in the project and in the company.

In addition to skills and experience, this also requires the special characteristics of the people involved. My mission is to create a framework for my clients in which this potential can become effective, so that people, teams and organizations can grow.

Let’s have a personal and free check-in meeting to find out how I can help you achieve your goal.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Yours, Bernhard Bals

Selected customer projects

Gain an insight into my previous projects.

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Re-design of a cabin pressure management system

My customer has adapted a cabin pressure control system for use in the commercial aircraft B737 MAX.
My task was to provide clarity about the scope of verification.

Establishment of a product safety organization

In this project, I supported my client in establishing a product safety organization for the development of a deployable antenna reflector for the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR).

Development of a cabin pressure management system

In that project, I have assisted my customer in the development of a cabin pressure control system for the MA-700 commercial aircraft.

Preparation of space test facility installation

The goal of my client in Kazakhstan was to task service providers for the installation, commissioning, and verification of test facilities in a satellite integration and testing center. I supported him to ensure everyone knew what to do.

Let's bring your project on course of success.