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Customer project

Development of a cabin pressure control system

The challenge

My client was commissioned to develop a cabin pressure control system for the in-development MA-700 commercial aircraft.

At this time, my client was facing a shortage of personnel in systems engineering and needed assistance in system development.


I accompanied the system development for my customer in accordance with the ARP4754A standard.

I have created the necessary technical specifications with my client, developed architecture and functional design, planned verification at the system and component level, coordinated internal and external interfaces, and analyzed and solved any issues that arise.

What we have achieved

Project results

Validated system design

The system of my client had reached the necessary level of development to successfully complete the Critical Design Review to the satisfaction of the aircraft manufacturer.


Ready for verification testing

The test systems were configured and validated so that my client could start the component and system tests of the prototype for testing in a test aircraft.

New staff ready to go

At the end of our collaboration, a new systems engineer had been familiarized with the system and specific processes, enabling my client to once again achieve their goals independently.