Systems development consulting for aerospace companies

Leading your aerospace project to success.

Unleash the potential of your team and benefit from clarity, structure and expertise in the development of technical systems for aerospace applications.

1:1 meeting (approx. 30 minutes, online) – free of charge and without obligation.

What challenges are currently standing in the way of your project’s success?

The 6 most serious challenges in systems development.

In the demanding world of aerospace, efficient project implementation in systems development is essential – also in order to survive and be successful on the market in the long term. At the same time, the high formal requirements and long project durations pose a number of challenges.

Zeitdruck – Bernhard Bals

Growing time pressure

Your deadlines are constantly being pushed back in the project plan. Measures that have been introduced only provide a temporary or apparent remedy, because new challenges keep popping up, delaying the project and constantly increasing the time pressure.

Recruiting – Bernhard Bals

Lack of human resources

Staff turnover in the project team and/or a shortage of specialists makes it impossible for you to build up and maintain the continuity and experience you need to complete the project in the planned time. At the same time, there is a lack of resources to train new team members.

Entwicklung – Bernhard Bals

Increasing complexity

The complexity of tasks increases rapidly in the course of systems development projects. This can lead to a situation where you are more concerned with reacting than with acting proactively. This increases the time pressure even more and you don’t have the time to focus on your skills and successfully move the project forward.

Ungleichgewicht – Bernhard Bals

Imbalance in team utilization

When setting up the project team, the situation often arises that the individual team members have different levels of experience. As a result, key people are overloaded and new team members in particular are less effectively integrated, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Anforderungen – Bernhard Bals

Underestimated requirements

In the course of the project, the effort involved will be much greater than you estimated in the quotation and calculation. Especially because individual requirements turn out to be much more comprehensive than originally expected. You realize that the project plan cannot be implemented with the current resources. Especially as there is no telling how many surprises are still hidden.

Entscheidung – Bernhard Bals

Decision despite uncertainty

The development of technical systems entails many uncertainties. Which design, which measure is the best? A wrong decision can result in high costs.

The basic information is often incomplete. Many decisions take too long and block development process. The costs for the resources provided continue to run.

“Recognizing the problem is more important than recognizing the solution.
Because the exact representation of the problem leads to the solution.”

Albert Einstein, physicist

Successfully implementing systems development projects

The decisive adjusting screws in systems development.

Years of practice have shown that simply spending more time or hiring additional staff only provides short-term and apparent relief, but changes little in the long term. The reason for this is that the causes of the apparent problems lie much deeper, are not recognized and consistently eliminated and therefore cause new problems again and again.

To really master the challenges and get your project on the road to success, you need: clarity, structure, communication, empowerment and the power to implement.


If you and your employees understand the actual problem, you can take effective measures that provide sustainable solutions.



Capturing and organizing your complex and confusing environment creates a structure of manageable elements that you can successfully master.



Knowledge and experience is your company's treasure. However, it won't help you if it remains hidden. It is crucial that everyone involved has the information they need for their task and that this information is accessible.


You can do everything, just not everything at the same time. We identify the priority tasks and utilize the skills of your team members. This creates an efficient collaboration in which everyone can contribute their strengths and grow.

Realization power

Once you have untied the knot, pick up speed. Everyone knows the goal and knows what contribution they have to make. You successfully overcome any obstacles together as a project team.

BernhardBals BeraterfuerLuftfahrtRaumfahrt 1 1 – Bernhard Bals

Systems development consulting

Bring your project
on the path to success

Whether at the start of a new development project or in critical phases: In my systems development consulting, these 5 key components form the foundation and are where we start.

The result: full implementation power. Everyone knows the goal, knows what needs to be done for what and is able to make effective decisions independently in their area of responsibility.

That is how you benefit

Unleash your complete potential.


Increase in team performance

Your team is motivated and works more efficiently because everyone can contribute their strengths effectively


Absolute confidence

You have absolute clarity about the situation and can lead the project to success with absolute certainty and predictability.


Cost reduction

With clarity, structure, communication, empowerment and implementation strength, you save valuable time and also reduce project costs.


Higher customer satisfaction

Higher team performance and better planning capability do not only make you happy, but also your customers.

This is what our collaboration looks like

The 4 phases of collaboration at a glance.

Tailored precisely to your project, I support you in your project and in achieving your goals. My approach is essentially divided into 4 phases. These phases all build on each other and interlock in a targeted manner. Based on your goals and requirements, collaboration can take place across all phases or only require the initial phases.

Take off

Step 1

Check-in meeting – free of charge and without obligation
BernhardBals BeraterfuerLuftfahrtRaumfahrt 15 – Bernhard Bals

In a video call, we talk about your challenges, your goals and opportunities for collaboration. By asking specific questions, both sides get a clear picture of the situation.

After the check-in, you will

  • be clear about what it really needs
  • know what the next step can be
  • have an idea of how a journey with me can be like

Step 2

Screening – quick wins and initial progress.
Screening – Bernhard Bals

Together with the relevant stakeholders, we examine your current situation and bring all challenges to the table. Whether in project management, systems engineering or product/quality assurance.

This is how you benefit:

  • You will gain clarity about where you stand
  • You will know what’s going well and where things are going wrong
  • You will know the key levers and the obstacles you need to clear out of the way
  • Progress: you will have already overcome the first obstacles after the screening

This is how we work together:

Individually tailored to you and your project, the screening includes

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Talks
  • Structured questionnaires
  • and/or project audits

Step 3

Boarding – for a good starting position
BernhardBals Takeoff – Bernhard Bals

With my support, you and your team will develop the detailed measures required to get you to your goal.

Your benefits after boarding:

  • Clear distribution of roles and tasks: everyone in the team will know their role, their dependencies and their contribution to the journey
  • Increased team motivation: The team members will have a concrete goal, have all the necessary resources and be ready to get started.
  • Clear project plan: You will know what and who you need, to successfully reach your goal.
  • Success: You will have already recorded your first successes during boarding.

Formats of cooperation:

Boarding is tailored to your project and team:

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Talks
  • and/or mentoring

Step 4

Take-off – the direct route to your destination
BernhardBals Beratung Raumfahrtunternehmen – Bernhard Bals

You implement the necessary measures to ensure that you reach your destination successfully at the end of our journey. I accompany you and your team as a mentor and stand by your side so that one gear meshes with the other in your team.

Accompanying support:

Depending on your needs, I can support you with

  • Workshops
  • Reviews
  • 1:1 Conversations
  • Mentoring

That’s what makes me different

Professional expertise, industry experience and empathy combined

My systems development consulting combines my decades of experience as a systems engineer, quality manager, project manager and executive in the aerospace industry and the German Armed Forces, my high affinity for clarity, structure and teams and my personal strength: making complexity understandable and manageable.

For you, this means that I am not a “classic” project manager or consultant, I am also a mentor and can be a competent sparring partner for you.

Classic initial situations

Where do you stand with your project?

You have a new order and you're ready to go?

You’ve won the contract and you’re ready to go? Congratulations to you. What you invest in effective planning now will pay off in the end.

Is your project not progressing as you had planned?

This is not unusual. Not everything can be planned in advance. Get your bearings and set your course – there are many ways to reach your goal.

Many of your experienced employees have left and your new employees lack experience?

Provide them with an experienced mentor who gives them the space to go through the learning curve.

Are you about to reach the milestone, but the last mile is getting longer and longer?

Through targeted structuring and a clear focus on your project, we’ll bring your project to its goal.

Is your team overloaded and you can't find any reinforcements?

Clarity, structure, clear communication, empowerment and the ability to implement can take the pressure off your existing team.

Your project is "out of control"?

Don’t panic. We’ll analyze the situation together and put all the facts on the table. This is how we’ll find a suitable strategy and a practicable way to achieve the goal.

Let's bring your project on course of success.