I support your success

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay.

Your Challenge

In a competitive market you are challenged by high performance expectations, tight schedules and cost pressure. Efficient processes, high quality standards and effective management are essential. But even with best planning, unforeseen events can create needs for flexible solutions.

My Vision

As recognized freelance expert I empower my customers to transform their strengths and competence into sustainable success and to generate added value for their environment.

My Mission

I support companies in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of management systems and processes as well as in the development of complex products.

For my customers I generate added value by quickly grasping complex challenges and by providing sound, specific, effective and sustainable solutions.

As graduate engineer, business graduate, intercultural mediator and with background as military officer I have multidisciplinary understanding that I combine with hands-on experience as systems engineer, quality manager and project manager.

My Values

I am a reliable partner for my customers and partners.

My most important resources are my competence and my personality. I enhance these resources continuously and purposefully.

I treat my environment fairly and act transparently. I admit my limits, deficiencies and failures. They are opportunities to grow my expertise, personality and the value for my customer.

For decisions in uncertainty I can trust my intuition that is based on my values, my knowledge and my experience.

I assume responsibility towards my environment for the economic, ecologic and social impact of my entrepreneurial activities.

My Offer

E – Engineering: Development of complex technical systems is a challenging undertaking. Systems Engineering is the approach to manage development activities. As a systems engineer, I support you in developing or procuring technical systems.

Q – Quality: Quality is the key to a sustainable and competitive business. Quality Management establishes the required framework and assures its effectiveness. As a quality manager, I support you in creating and optimizing your internal processes and in establishing or improving your quality management system.

M – Management: Business Analysis identifies ways to take your business a step forward. Project Management takes care that you successfully take this step. As a management consultant and project manager I support you in identifying and realizing your needs.

C – Culture: If people work together, there is potential for friction. Besides communication, intercultural aspects play a role in efficient collaboration. As an intercultural mediator, I support you in taking advantage of these aspects for improving team collaboration and customer relations or solving existing conflicts.

Your Success

I support you in solving your challenges; either as consultant to master a specific challenge, as partner in long term cooperation or on freelance base for interim support. Contact me and we will specify a solution that fits your needs.