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Customer project

Preparation of space test facility installation

The challenge

My customer in Kazakhstan has established an integration and test center for satellites.

His intention was to commission service providers to install, operate, and verify the test facilities in the designated building.


I developed an installation and test concept together with my customer and specified the requirements for the service providers.

As an interface to the selected service providers in the EU and USA, I have assisted my clients in developing the technical and organizational content for the respective contracts and coordinating with the service providers.

What we have achieved

Project results


Project goal achieved

At the end of the collaboration, the technical and organizational questions regarding the commissioning were coordinated and my client was able to commission the service providers.

Reduced risks

Through the coordination of requirements with the service providers, the feasibility was validated and the risk of delays and additional costs due to misunderstandings was minimized even before the commissioning.

Increased confidence in action

Through a structured and validated test and installation concept, my client had the necessary clarity and confidence that the engagement of service providers would lead to a successful installation.