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Customer project

Re-design of a cabin pressure management system

The challenge

My customer was tasked to adapt a cabin pressure control system for use in the B737 MAX commercial aircraft.

To bring the system to certification within a tight schedule safely and focused, my client wanted to determine the extent to which existing evidence remains valid for the revised system.


I accompanied the system development for my customer in accordance with the ARP4754A standard.

The focus of my support was on evaluating the verification evidence for over 2,500 requirements related to the cabin pressure management systems of previous B737 versions, with regards to the requirements for the B737 MAX. This provided my client with clarity on the necessary scope of verification for the certification of the revised system.

What we have achieved

Project results


Project goal achieved

More than 2,500 complex requirements and their verification evidence had been evaluated within a few months, and my customer had a complete overview of the compliance status of the system and its components.

Clear structure

At the end of the assignment, all Lessons Learned from the project and the project results were clearly communicated to the involved employees, so that they can also benefit from them in future projects.

Confidence for implementation

After the collaboration, my customer had clarity on which verification documents were still valid for the revised system. With that, they knew what to do in order to deliver the revised system on time.